The unsound approach

Trip Reports

Britain and Ireland - Rarity-hunting

Colonsay 2013

Foula 2012


Rufous-tailed Robin in Norfolk

Kerry 2011

American Bittern finder's account

Shetland 2010

Isles of Scilly 2010

Rick's Scilly and Shetland 2009 adventure

Inishmore, Co. Galway, Oct 2009

Orkney and Caithness 2009 D. Brown

Unst, May 2009

Autumn 08 Review, Spring 08 Review

Inishmore, Co. Galway, Oct 2008

Foula June 2008

Shetland Oct 2007

Ultimate Bay of Biscay August 2007

Shetland 2006 - Techniques

Shetland Oct 2006 - Shetland Special

Scillies in autumn, 2003. A. Lees

Western Palearctic

Iberian lynx December 2010. R. Martin & K. Boughey

Spain 2011 Lynxes

Turkey 2011 R. Addison

Ukraine 2010 R. Moores

Spain, June 2010. R. Addison

Western Sahara 2010. A. Lees, R. Moores, D Brown

Spain, August 2009 A. Lees

Holland, June/July 2009 D. Brown

Taba, Egypt April 2009, J Gilroy

Cyprus, March 2009, D. Brown et al.

Madeira August 2008, A. Lees

Finland in summer 2007, A. Lees

Egypt in spring 2006, A. Lees (pdf 1300kb)

Egypt in winter 2004, A. Lees

Tenerife-La Gomera Ferry, 2004. A.Lees

Slovenia in winter, 2004. A. Lees & D. Brown

Spain in winter, 2004. S. Piner

Tunisia in winter, 2003. R. Martin

Slovenia in summer, 2003. S. Mahood

Biscay, autumn 2000. A. Lees


SE Arizona, spring 2001. A .Lees

New England, winter 2001. A.Lees


Tapajos 2010 A. Lees

Argentina 2008 J. Bird

Parque do Zizo, Brazil, 2006. A. Lees, J. Minns

Amazonian "Big Sit" 2005. A. Lees

SE Brazil, 2004. S. Mahood

Northern Peru, 2004. S. Mahood

Amazonian Brazil, 2003 A. Lees


Bangladesh 2010 A.Lees, R Martin, J Bird

Sri Lanka 2009-2010 R. Moores

Japan 2008. D. Brown

Japan 2004 S. Mahood (pdf 475kb)

Cambodia 2006 J. Bird, B. Mulligan, J. Gilroy (pdf 800kb)

India, 2004. D. Showler, A.Lees

Borneo, 2002. R. Addison

(Photos all ACL; except Red-flanked Bluetail by JG)