The unsound approach

In-the-Field Special


A guide to rarity finding techniques

Birding Shetland isn't like birding the mainland. Birders must develop a whole new range of skills in order to get the most out of the barren landscape. Our recent travels have put us in the perfect position to reveal the top techniques, helping you to skor big on your next visit. Just follow our eight point plan to stardom...

Tip 1: Find the sheltered spots

Tip 2: View fields from all possible angles

Tip3: Make use of vantage points

Tip 4: Throughly work the dense cover VIDEO UPDATE here

Tip 5: Carefully check the cliffs VIDEO UPDATE here

Tip 6: Use your right to roam, cover the ground swiftly

Tip 7: Never despair

(or you may become unbalanced)

And finally Tip 8: For the sake of comedy pager messages, make sure you check all the sites with silly place names.

That's it. Good luck, and Dunna Chuck Bruck.