The unsound approach


Punkbirder is proud to present a photo-essay on Fregetta tropica*, all were taken between 9th-27th November 2008 in the New Zealand and Australian Subantarctic by Dan Brown. Some of you may view this as a shameless attempt to jump on a band-wagon that we had nothing to do with, (which it is) but we did at least flag this bird up in Birdwatch 207:9! The news, when it reached us was shocking enough almost to precipitate a twitching response in multiple parties. Fortuitously, the voice of reason suggested that the chance of success was lower than a British sporting victory and any travel plans were abandonned as soon as they were concieved. We then all sat back and waited for the griptastic digi-grabs that never came; will the record have a strong enough look without documentation? Clearly something special was happening with multiple ferocious depressions tearing up from the SW replete with boobies and frigatebirds and maybe unseasonally warm water temperatures. Clearly now would have been the time for a Black-capped Petrel. Imagine that on Grafham!  

*Dan is sure there aren't any WBSPs creeping in.

Anyhew, the pics below might just prove to be vaguely useful to someone at some point, they show tropica in a range of sea states and light conditions - note how variable the species can appear....