The unsound approach

Links we love

Tom MckInney’s website, rated  for bad language and high jinx. Read it - it's the funniest thing on the internet.


“A cold pre-boiled boiled egg for breakfast and a flask of tea are what makes Norfolk so great…”

edit. Tom you knob, get back on it.

Irish Bird Network, rated  for occasional scenes of a sexual or religious nature. May also contain lively debate about Great Spotted Woodpeckers. The best e-group in birding.


"And the Prophet didst appear unto them out of the mist and didst say unto them:"Behold oh ye faithful and pure birders, for ye have sacrificed the company of thy wives and families to be present at this holiest of holy places, and thou shalt be justly rewarded…" And he didst raise his hand to the north and sayest thus: "Lookest towards 2 0'clock, over the slab upon which the holy prophecy is written, roughly half horizon, and see for thine own eyes the presence of a virtuous Fea's petrel" And a great swathe of light shone through the mist and rain and didst illuminate the great bird perfectly, showing all the critical identification points. And the birders saw, and were amazed, and all fear and cold left them for they were filled with a great holiness and purity of spirit." O. Foley 2006


Vladimir Dinet’s homepage, rated for violence and heavy skor


I found a jack in my trunk, and as soon as one of the bandits looked inside, I hit him with it, took his rifle and a handful of cartridges from his pocket, and ran into the forest. The other three saw me and followed, shouting and firing into the air. The forest was nothing more than a narrow belt between the road and the railway, and I would be in trouble, because one of the bandits had an AK-74. But they were very stupid, and tried to form a chain and comb the forest, so all I had to do was hide behind a stump and wait for them to come to me one by one.”

Hoaxbirders rated Unclassified


The Dutch Youth. Proof in the images that the Netherlands is more mega than East Anglia, the text is probably really funny and insightful but we only understand words like 'roodpootvalkje'.

Udst¸dningsr¸ret "Leaders in the Field"


Danish Dream Team, rated , get your net-o-translator out and buy new underpants....


Proud to be a Dunnock France's finest rated   for being very rude and French but mostly rude.


A gallic team after our own heart. Not sure about gull quizzs, but the rest of the site is bonzer, and rude.


The essential selection:

East Norfolk Badass RIP.   Ilya Mclean  Alfrey  Guernsey   Our man in Sri Lanka  Rob Fray   Mark Reeder  the new look llama  Jesus Jones   Mike P on Shetland  James Smith   Ornithological Idiocy  Bowell Boxer-crew  Vectis  Manc Birding  XBill King  Team Howe  Cape May  Martijn Bot  Peter  Connor  John Dempsey  Marek  Cornwall Paul  Menzie  Corkin Birdin  Boulmer  Mark Lewis  Gwent Birding Look on the Brightside Barry Wright  Occasional Devon  Natural Born Birder  More Devon  The Cardinal  Foula  Bonxie  Deception Tours  Bluebirder  Limestone Birding  Ptaki Póùnocnego Podlasia Cloaca  Galley Head Birding Birdmad  Notts Birding  James Lidster  Drunkbirder  Mike Watson Birdline East Anglia Robin Chittenden  NI Birds 


Dutch Bird News - find out about the hordes of rare that don't quite make it to Norfolk on a daily basis. You can probably see some of them from the top of the canopy tower at Hickling, if you've got one of those mega Leica blue whale scope thingys.


The Observatories, for up to the minute news of what's going on migration-wise:

Fair Isle







Aurora borealis - Aaah, Whalsay... You can practically smell the siberian feather dust in the air. Back in the day, it seemed like an underwatched, undervalued, untapped seething mass of rarity-finding potential. That's why in autumn 2002, a crack team of old-school punkbirders decided head north and "sort it out". We spent two weeks fearlessly grilling every field, furrow and ferret-hole between Symbister and Skaw, hoping to skor ourselves some top rares. We failed dismally. Thankfully the locals do rather better. You can read all the grip-tastic tales here:


George Bristow's Secret Freezer - Martin Collinson's bird blog with brains. Usually witty, often insightful and always impeccably written, with proper grammar and everything. You make us sick.


James McCallum - top paintings from the nicest man in Norfolk.


Ian Lewington - ranked #2 in our "most likely to be an alien" survey, after Michael Jackson. Some curiously non-human painting abilities. Warning: may ruin your enjoyment of birds by making them look 200% better than they are in real life.


Chris Mills - Known to one punkbirder for decades, back in the golden age of Notts birding. Unlike myself, he's slipped into the elite and gets exclusive invites to the top table at North American passerine tasting sessions (cheese and wine provided). Good website to find out what you should have seen when hammering the coast for no reward...


Girls Aloud - obviously...

and some stuff we're not so sure about...



NaturalNest - bridging the gap between birding and haute cuisine... (Warning: don't try this with Common Swift Apus apus unless you like eating old feathers and moss).


Direct quote: "Recipes for Pregnant Woman and Foetus..."