The unsound approach

New page, same old stupidities, leaders in the field gold, available here Not forgetting indoor action and ignominious photos of minor birding celebs here

left: Jesus Jez,  right: strandline goggles; eat your heart out Riddick.

left: Si never missed a foam party even when a good seawatch was on

middle: Jos used his head to get data on Cape Gull incubation strategies

right: Joe emerges at dusk from his diurnal lair

left: birding at Bempton was too easy for Rich so he hung over the cliff whilst trying for Brunnich's

middle: the routine exposure of Rob's legs and subsequent albedo cooled global temperatures by 2 degrees in the summer of 2006

right: Dan hated the fact that the bridges took the fun out of Lodge Marsh, so to compensate he only used them up to half-way across

left: the Rob Martin Column was constructed by Aberdeen residents to commemorate his services to county year-listing

middle: my lovely horse

right: after his succesful collaboration with Tupac, Elton John spent most of his time at the Hood.

left & centre: Rob - style icon with hands-free camouflage and maximal UV protection

right: Rich - the twitch after the night before.