The unsound approach

In the field

Left, there were no takers for Alex's charter for American Chiffchaff; Centre: every triffid has its day: Brad was in the wrong place at the wrong time; Right, Rob, never saw it coming.

Jez: left, on an early ears free mobile, right: refinds Yousuf's beard in Uganda.

As a punishment for using 'Jedi' mind-tricks on Si whilst he was out owling: "Si, ride your bike over the water...", Alex was interned indefintely.

Left: Punkbirder fieldcraft tip #2: make good use of rogue potholes for cover in the neotropics. Right: we told Si not to eat the salad in Brazil.

Left: Rich gets some help trying to decipher Rob's field notes. Right: always use proper protection when dipping storks

Left: Trouser snake. Right: Key technique for finding black reds.

 Left: Aero Porpoise. (behaviour and habitat exclude Harbour). Centre: 2006 Pelagic bookings being taken now.  Right: Alex found the silver birch but couldn't get on any redpolls....  

Left: Rich takes another great catch at Giant Frisbee. Centre: Tower hide. Right: aukball 

 Above Left: Rich, handy with a scope. Middle: Rob defies gravity. Right: Rich refinds gravity. Far right: Jez, forgot gravity.

Above: Si with close friends he met last year. From left to right: Dermatobia hominis, Tursiops truncatus & Rana sp. - don't eat toads

 Above Left & Centre left: Rich displays ancestral simian capabilities.  centre right: Rob, taller in more ways, far right: James waits for a spring tide. 

Above, left: Tamanhoodua.  Centre: Irwin eat your heart out.  Right: James - ever alert for the call to action.

Above, left: marsh football, sport of idiots. Middle: the Birding Taleban. Right: mega white thing

Below: Alex, almost fed to great whites off CA, almost killed by treacherous saltmarsh tides and almost fed to reptiles. We'll keep trying.   

Above left; James, about to find something mega at any minute.  Middle: "Geese screw you up". Right: Rich gives an olor verbal warning about avian influenza

Above Left: Showler takes time out to pick his nose in India. Middle: Spanish "holiday".  Right: Baynes tests the new Mighty Idiot monopod

and now for something completely different.....