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General sightings, activities and, progressively less crap record shots from the creme-de-la-menthe of Norfolk birding - First With Our News Most Of The Time!

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JULY 31st 

Cantley Beet Factory (D. Brown 16:00-17:00) 

Good turnover - 3 turnstone dropped in, also 10 golden, 8 ruff, 15 green sand, 10 common sand. Keeping up the big coverage...


Foreign news:

Alta Floresta & environs, MT, Brazil (AL)

A big week: Fiery-tailed Awbill successfully twitched at the RC, (BD's account here) and then Purple-throated Fruitcrows discovered on the Serra dos Caiabis; full-day hangover Sunday, photos here


JULY 31st (R Moores)

Rush Hill 07:30

Bittern, 2 green sand, 4 snipe, 6 dunlin, 2 golden.

Cantley Beet Factory (10:00) 

No sign of wood sand but 3 avocet and many common and green sands

Breydon Water (12:00) 

Little gull, barwit, sanderling, 4 turnstone, 4 greenshank, 5 golden.


Green sand at Cantley (RMoores). Finders account for this beauty is in the pipeline.


JULY 31st

Earlham Road, Norwich (S Mahood) 

Ringed plover over calling.


JULY 30th

Rush Hill 0600-0730 (RMa)

One Greenshank, 8 Dunlin, 4 Black-tailed Godwit, 1 LRP, 1 RP, a swarm of seven Green Sand, a heard only flyover Turnstone and 44 Ruff. 


Too much water plus too many Greylags equals no waders. 2 European Golden Plover flew through towards Hickling.


No water, no birds, just Greylag.


JULY 29th

Sidlesham Ferry, West Sussex (D Brown, H Watson)

Dan proves yet again that the key to rarity finding is to leave the county of Norfolk. Down south for the weekend to attend a wedding, he sidled up to Pagham and found a MARSH SANDPIPER, plus a Spoonbill (found by Hannah). Ever the professional, Dan had forgotten to take his camera, so we're stuck with this classy phone-scoped image. We think the arrow is pointing to the bird, although it may just be a rock.

Left: Dan's Marsh Sand - it's in there somewhere. Right: This is what they look like when photographed properly (JG, Israel 1973).


NB: full account and new photos now available here.


Snettisham, Titchwell (RMa, DM)

4 Curlew Sand, 3 Spotted Redshank, one Arctic Skua and 1 2nd sum Med Gull at Snett with 84 billion Dunlin. 5 Greenshank. No points. Wood Sandpiper nibbling teenie toes in Island Hide at Tichwell, also two Spoonbill planted in the freshmarsh, growing well. Browned off.


JULY 25th

Rush Hill (RMa 1145-1600)

16 dunlin, 40 ruff, 1 European golden plover, 1 sum knot, 1 green sand, 1 wigeon and no nearctic waders (radar out by about 300m: Buff-breast at Swim Coot). 5+ White Admiral.


JULY 22nd 

Rush Hill, Martham Broad (JG early eve)

Ruff in number at rush hill, but just one dunlin. A dark phase arctic skua came up out of a field between Martham broad and the A149. It headed off towards the sea - perhaps it had come inland in pursuit of a tern? The broad had adult little gull, single greenshank, common sand, ringo and whimbrel, plus a wigeon.


JULY 21st 

Winterton (DB late afternoon)

Red Kite hanging around in the dunes.

Red Kite and Cranes, Winterton (D. Brown)


JULY 19th 

Foreign news:

summer in Amazonia .... if you go down to the woods today....  carry a polyvalent Crotalidae Antivenom.


Lachesis muta "silent fate"; more eagles and inverts here (AL)