The unsound approach

Behold! Our fearless series of ninja-strikes against the very trickiest of ID conundrums that "frontier" birding can offer. Delve if you dare...

Winter Gull Gallery coz they're really pretty...

Redpolls Remixed - keep on Rollin' baby...

Slaty-backed Gull Photo Essay - an up-close and intimate portrait of one of the world's top show-stoppers.

Acroholics - still having trouble with oranges and bananas?

Cormorants: a new approach - slay your phalacrocoracine demons...


and here a few more boring ones we wrote after we sobered up:

Black-bellied Storm-petrel photo-essay

a late Acro on Lundy

an unidentifiable bunting on Unst

a chocolate orange harrier on North Ron

a desert(ish) lesser whitethroat in Norfolk

a tristis(ish) yawn-chaff in JG's tree